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Sample schematic drawing: Survey and Design of a Greens Slit Drainage system.

Cross-section of a Greens Drainage System.

Existing Green Drainage

A Slit Drainage system in an old "push-up" green can literally save it. This system is a network of trenches, using small diameter perforated pipes and sand to drain away excess water from surface and sub-surface. Projects are surveyed, carefully designed and installed using an automatic laser controlled slit trencher. We can install a Slit Drainage system for an average sized green in two days and the green is back in play immediately, with only the sod cut lines visible.

We take much pride in workmanship when installing a system on a green and make special efforts to ensure the Greenskeeper and Golfers are satisfied.

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Sod is carefully sectioned and rolled before excavation begins.

Precise surveys of the grounds are taken to determine the optimum drainage plan.

TDS crew prepares greens for the installation of perforated pipes.

The collector drain is installed first.

Sod is carefully cut and stacked in readiness for repositioning after work is complete.

This catch basin was installed on the top end of the system to prevent surface water from flooding the green.

This green is complete and will be ready for play after a bit of water washes the dirt away.

This green was only out of play for a day and a half while work was in progress. The photo was taken 30 minutes after completion.