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Slit Drainage

Representative As-Built schematic for a Fairway Slit Drainage project.

This system is a network of trenches, using small diameter perforated pipes and sand to drain away excess water from surface and sub-surface. Projects are surveyed, carefully designed and installed using an automatic laser controlled slit trencher.

When installing a Slit Drainage System, we "buzz" out a trench 12" to 24" deep, The machine is laser controlled for accurate grade, the spoils are loaded and hauled away and a 1 1/2 " or 2" drainage pipe laid in behind. The trench is then backfilled with a coarse sand. A 3" wide sand filled channel is all that is visible. This system is clean, fast and the results are amazing.

Excess sand being applied and removed after installation is complete.

A compactor being pulled behind the trencher.

Laser grade control; slit installation.

Slit drainage installation crew.

A completed fairway Slit Drainage project.

The TDS crew in full swing.

A completed fairway Slit Drainage project.

A few days after the Slit Drainage system was installed. The new tee deck was built with some of the excavated soil.